CHT2015 Awards

Best of Show:  Margaret Humphries for Trinity River Shawl

Fashion Awards

Wearable Clothing 1st Place:  Donna Arispe for Green Jacket
Wearable Clothing 2nd Place:  Sally Gelbaugh for T Vest: Twill, Tweed and Tuxedo
Wearable Clothing 3rd Place:  Charlene Kolb for Rhapsody in Red

Wearable Accessories 1st Place:  Eileen Thompson for Silk Squared
Wearable Accessories  2nd Place:  Deedee Woodbury for Interstellar Illusion
Wearable Accessories 3rd Place:  Nancy Chronister for Raku

Member’s Exhibit Awards

Functional  1st Place:  Deedee Woodbury for Bauhaus Sunrise
Functional 2nd Place:  Nancy Chronister for Woven Lace Table Runner
Functional 3rd Place:  Yohannah Klingensmith for Double Orange Peel

Art Concept 1st Place:  Meg Wilson for Bridges to Nowhere
Art Concept 2nd Place:  Mary Macaulay for Spring Unfolding

Conference Themed 1st Place:  Rebecca Shanks for Little Cutie and Inside the Earth
Conference Themed 2nd Place:  Jeanette Wilson for Resolution

Spinning Award: 1st Place:  Donna Arispe for Green Jacket

Special Awards

HGA:  Deedee Woodbury for Dark Matter
WEBS Functional Award:  Anna Sherman for Stained Glass Place Mats and Runner
Complex Weavers:  Rachel Moberg for Blue Mist Damask Drawloom Shawl
Judge’s Award:  Deedee Woodbury for Bauhaus Sunrise
Member’s Choice: Eileen Thompson for Blue Cotton Clouds