Deb McClintock – Intricate Patterns – Simple Threads – LOOMS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA

southeastern fabric

This will be the same talk Deb presented at the Textile Museum in Washington DC in the education series at their invitation.   Her audience was Textile Museum docents and the public to help them understand and explain the tools the weaver’s used to create their exquisite cloth.

Intricate Patterns – Simple Threads, LOOMS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA – Learn about the simple looms used to create and store intricate patterns of Southeast Asia. We’ll compare looms in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, northwest Vietnam and Burma. From village wear to the royal workshops the weavers cleverly store patterns for humble surroundings to court use in much the same way.  Explore the use of equipment to create extraordinary fabrics that glow with brilliant color and intricate patterns in contemporary art applications. We’ll also look at how reeds are handmade to order and learn about making heddles by hand.

Deb is teaching Saturday afternoon.