New Pre-conference Workshop!

Painted warpsHandpainted Warps — Ella Strawman

Wednesday June 24  — 1:30-5:30
Thursday June 25 —  9-6
Friday June 26 —  8:30-12:30

In Hand Painted Warps we will discover the beauty of hand dyeing warps for weaving!

While there are plenty of commercially dyed variegated yarns available to use in a warp, there are very few options that allow for color changes consistent across the width of your warp. By dyeing your own, you take total control of how you want your warp to be colored.

In this workshop, students will dye their organically grown Texas cotton yarn warp with Fiber Reactive dyes. 

Details on our Pre-conference Workshop page.

As of April 3rd,  Pre-conference Workshops are open to non-conference goers.  Download registration form.

Ella Strawman has been sewing, knitting, and dyeing since the age of 4. It became a passion for her while in college and she majored in Fibers at the Appalachian Center for Craft. There Ella learned to weave and spin.

After moving to Texas in 2011, she was employed at a now defunct fiber arts center in Wimberley where she taught weaving, dyeing, knitting, and children’s crafts, as well as learned how to run a shop and gallery. When the shop closed, Ella decided to open Me & Ewe, a yarn and fabric store in Austin. There she teaches weaving, dyeing, sewing, knitting, and children’s crafts. Ella likes to think of fiber related hobbies as heritage hobbies, meaning they will most likely be passed from one generation to the next.

“To be able to teach others is the highest honor as my knowledge and skills will continue for years to come and bring many generations of people great joy.”