Exhibits and Fashion Show

For info on individual and guest tickets for the Fashion Show click here.

Two of the most important elements of the Conference are the Members’ Exhibit and the Fashion Show, where we strut our stuff!  There is one easy form to fill out for each entry; all items entered are part of the Members’ Exhibit, and will be displayed during the Conference.  We will have a Fashion Show, which will feature Members’ Exhibit entries meant to be viewed and appreciated on the human form.

Forms must be received by May 15, 2015. They can be mailed to the address on the form, or emailed.

Your woven piece must be received by  June 12th, 2015.

Entry forms can be downloaded here.

Each entry submitted to CHT must meet the interlacement requirement:  the entry must be based on your interlacement of fibers through spinning, weaving, braiding, felting, or silk fusion.

Unless specified in writing, all Wearable entries will be modeled in the Fashion Show.

The entry must have been completed since the last CHT Conference.

If you are not going to be able to attend the Conference and pick up your entries, let us know, in writing, who is permitted to get them for you. NO ENTRIES RETURNED BY MAIL.

The categories for the Members’ Exhibit are:

Functional: household textiles such as towels, runners, rugs, curtains, throws, place mats, pillows, upholstery.

Wearables, clothing: garments with an element of construction. Ensembles will be counted as one entry: be sure to note that on your form.

Wearables, accessories:  e.g. scarves, shawls, belts, bags, hats, socks, boots, bras and jewelry.

Art, 2D and 3D: items that are decorative or for display, such as wall hangings, wall rugs, framed pieces, and sculptures (e.g. felted, basket, or multi-layer woven).

Yardage: minimum size:  6 sq. ft.   Maximum size: 16 sq. ft. Maximum length, 6 ft.

Conference Themed: Warp Speed Ahead! Out of this World!  Let your creative juices flow!

Handspun, skein: handspun yarn with a minimum of 20 yards or ½ oz. per skein.  The purpose of the yarn should be stated (i.e. for weaving, knitting, etc.) and a swatch using the specified technique should be attached.  We are putting out a special request for yarn spun to be warp yarn (strong enough not to break at normal warping tensions and to not abrade in a heddle or reed).

Handspun, best use of: an item made of handspun yarn.  Your entry may be woven, knitted, crocheted, felted, etc. A small skein (min. 4 yards or ¼ oz.) must be included with your entry.

Prizes may be awarded in each of these categories, as well as the following:

Members’ Choice: an entry selected for recognition by Conference attendees

Juror’s Choice: an entry to be honored at the Juror’s discretion

Best of Show: an entry that exemplifies the best of our craft

In addition, national-level awards will be given, including, but not limited to: the Complex Weavers Award, Handweavers Guild of America Award, and the Interweave Press Award.