Seminar Details: Sunday

Sunday AM  8:45-11:15

Woven Silk Flora—John Mullarkey

Level:  Beginner

Log Entry:  Weave a veritable bouquet of silk blooms to accent your next bag or scarf. Who knew woven squares on pin looms could produce such floral beauty? We’ll be using silk hankies to produce beautiful flowers woven on pin looms such as the Zoom Loom, Weave-it or Weavette. Looms will be provided.

Equipment Requirement for Students:  Scissors

Materials Fee:  $5 for silk hankies


Weaving with Futuristic Yarns – Giovanna Imperia

Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Log Entry:  In this seminar, you will be coached on the idiosyncrasies of a wide variety of funky and futuristic yarns (wire, metallic, plastic, gel, elastic, highly twisted, etc.), including handling, warping, weaving, braiding and more.  The seminar will cover selecting the right yarns for the look and feel that you want and using their tricky ways effectively, to give you the results that you want.

Equipment Requirement for Students:  Note-taking supplies, examples of yarns that intimidate you…

Materials Fee:  $5 for handouts

Big Bang:Turning Your Handwoven Cloth Into Stunning Original Garments – Midge Jackson

Level: Intermediate

Log Entry:  In this class, you will explore all the steps necessary for completing an original garment made of handwoven cloth. Weaving decisions such as fiber choices, sett, pattern, etc. will be covered. Design options, how to design, tools for design, and what designs work best for handwovens, will be covered as well. Construction and sewing techniques, including lining decisions, edge treatments, etc. will be discussed.

It is assumed that you will already know how to sew. Sewing techniques will be demonstrated on the instructor’s machine.  You will view several actual garments and photos of garments in different patterns and critique them. You will make templates and practice draping on the dress form if time allows. Samples of different finishing techniques will be provided, demonstrated and discussed.  By the end of class, you will have the tools to successfully create a sewn item from your own handwoven fabric.

 Equipment Requirement for Students:  Students should bring, if possible, small samples of their handwoven cloth. These samples will be shared with the class and used as tools for discussion of their use in garments or other sewing applications.

Materials Fee:  None.  Midge will provide samples and other supplies for demonstration.


Taqueté and Samitum – Su Butler

Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Log Entry: Students will learn about using the versatile techniques of Taqueté and Samitum through lecture and examples.  Often used in rug weaving, these techniques are also used with fine fibers and in pictorial weaving.

Equipment Requirement for Students:  Note-taking supplies

Materials Fee:  $5

Open Your Weaving to New Possibilities – Mickey Stam

Level:  All

Log Entry: Many weavers are excellent at exploring new structures, working through all the necessary calculations, and manipulating design software, but have an urge to push their creative skills.  In this session, we will consider the difference between Open and Focused Creativity and how we might weave with more originality. In addition, we will start a design journal using fine art for inspiration.

Equipment Requirement for Students:  Note-taking supplies

Materials Fee:  NONE


Repurposing Sweater Yarns for Weaving – Pam James

Level: All

Log Entry: Students will learn how to assess the suitability of a sweater as a yarn source, predict the kind of yarn a sweater will yield, retrieve yarn from recycled sweaters, and see how the resulting yarns performed as a woven yarn.

Equipment Requirement for Students:  Sweater, small crochet hook or seam ripper, scissors, magnifying glass and/or readers, and, if possible, a ball winder.

Materials Fee:  $5 for handouts.
This class is also offered Saturday afternoon.


Get Your (color) Wheel out of a Rut!

Level: All

Log Entry: Fearless Leader Aimee Kandl will guide participants out of their comfort zones into new territory in self-expression through color. Combining presentation, group exercises and playful watercolors, students will move through and beyond mental blocks and staid patterns. Fiber artists will gain inspiration for future projects as well as increased understanding of the culture and science of color. Beginning-Intermediate level.

E​quipment Requirements for Students:​ Note taking supplies and 2 examples of work the student feels were failures in terms of color (photos are fine).

M​aterials fee:​ $20 for reusable artist’s quality watercolors and brushes: 100% cotton watercolor paper.