Seminar: Open Your Weaving to New Possibilities

Sunday Morning
Mickey Stam, Instructor


Looking for new ways to use your weaving and to explore new sources of inspiration?

Based on the immensely popular Weavers & Spinners Society of Austin study group, this seminar opens the world of fine art, particularly painting and sculpture, to help us weavers and other fiber artists explore our individual creativity.  By considering the elements of the different art forms, how they can apply to weaving,  we can then brainstorm how to apply that information to our own work.

With a life-long interest in the sources of artistic inspiration, Mickey Stam recently received Certificate of Excellence (Level I) from the Handweavers Guild of America and also has a Masters Degree in the History of Decorative Arts in America from the Smithsonian Institution/Parsons School of Design.

She is anxious to share some of what she has learned about creativity and how us weavers can develop our own unique vision and style by gaining inspiration from other art forms.