Thanks and Wrap-up

From Meg Wilson,  CHT2015 Conference Chair

I hope all of you had a safe landing after being in Warp Space! We want to thank you for coming and making this such a fun event!

Thanks again to the awesome team who put CHT2015 together:

Julia Alison – Newsletter Editor and Center Piece Creator
Margaret Arafat – Award Ribbon Weaver
Trish Ashton – Presenter Wrangler
Jenny Barker – Treasurer
Su Butler – Teacher, Member’s Exhibit and Senior Judge
Inga Marie Carmel – Communications and PR (CHT website creator)
Susan Fricks – Vendor Coordinator and Spinning Judge
Pam James – Exhibit Coordinator, Joke Writer and Wrangler
Aimee Kandl – Fashion Show Coordinator and Fashion Co-Judge
Sylvia Keizer – Scarf Exchange Coordinator
Mary Macaulay – Public Weave-In Coordinator
Mickey Stam and her Creativity Study Group  – Exhibit Awards Performance
Ella Strawman – Teacher and Fashion Co-Judge
Eileen Thompson – Registration and Keychain Maven
Deedee Woodbury – CHT Board Chairman, Vendor Wrangler, Bridge Cheerleader

Then there were all the other volunteers, behind the scenes, doing great things to make it all happen.  You can look at the volunteer signup list on the website, to see most of those who volunteered to be docents for the members’ exhibit, help at registration, give the vendors breaks or help load in and load out. Like Clara Arellano, who valiantly womaned the registration booth almost the whole time.  But even more chipped in with their time, their ideas and their talents in myriad ways. WSSA dedicated meeting time to stuff goodie bags and get us ready. Mary Macaulay came up with the idea of the Warp Speed Ahead Shuttles made out of recycled bamboo curtains and Kristen Von Minden and her team at MakeATX did the laser cutting.  Roci Brawner offered to weave goodies for CHT2015, right after CHT2013 and produced the lovely “baby bloomer” dishcloths. The Challenge Group of the Austin Fiber Artists helped stuff goodie bags and put together and tagged bloomers. Yohannah Klingensmith helped two of her students re-warp workshop looms so they could be used for the public weave-in.  The Ft. Worth Guild put together a  spectacular ‘50’s Apron Exhibit of 60 aprons for 60 years.  Houston’s tapestry group set out a galaxy of color in their amazing tapestry exhibit.  And San Antonio gave us a great update on their fiber explorations. Guilds all across the State gave us fun, full, fantastic baskets to raffle off at CHT. And many more “points of light”!

We had the All-Stars of Vendors at CHT2015.  Our deep appreciation goes to them for bringing us the great yarns, fibers, tools and books that make weaving so much fun.

We hope  you enjoyed the Vendor spotlights and demos presented – thanks to Susan Fricks and Deedee Woodbury for putting  all of that in place.

We thank you again for being with us and hope to see you all at CHT2017 in Houston!